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Vasthuvidya has neither been recognized nor promoted adequately in our country during the post-independence period. This is a great loss to the whole community.

Vasthuvidya requires constant study, research, restoration and enrichment. The basic principles and philosophy of this branch of science have to be preserved. .

Vasthuvidya has been out of curriculum in Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions. As a result, the new generation has missed the opportunity to study and practice this science. .

Vasthuvidya has to be instructed formally in Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions. For this, courses, Curriculum, Syllabus etc. are to be framed and Institutions have to be founded. .

Vastuvidya has books in Sanskrit and a few books in regional Languages. Translations of original texts and new books and periodicals in regional Languages are to be published. .

Vasthuvidya has avenues for exploration and widespread application in residential buildings, community buildings, and different kinds of other constructions. .

Vasthuvidya has to be integrated with Modern Technology, Architecture and Engineering. Vasthu practitioners require backing of Architects and Engineers and vice-versa. .

It is in the situation, .

a) VASTHUVIDYANIKETHANAM is on the way with various projects. .

b) “VASTHU PUBLICATIONS” has been publishing BOOKS and PERIODICALS on Vasthuvidya.

Latest news

Vasthu panchangam 1191 ( 2015-16 ) published. Copies are available at Vasthu Publications

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