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Vasthuvidya Nikethanam

  Our Vision & Objectives   To Introduce and popularize Vasthuvidya, the ancient form of Science and Technology for the comm....

Vasthukala Bimonthly


  A bimonthly, in Malayalam or Vasthuvidya, Published at Kannur Kerala India Its first issue was published in April 2009 ‘Vasthukal....

Vasthu Publications


  Books published Karamanavum Angulamanavum oru sameeksha (Part I)       Author: P.Vijayan (A hand-book on Vasthu calculations) Mu....

Welcome to Vasthuvidya

Vasthuvidya has neither been recognized nor promoted adequately in our country during the post-independence period. This is a great loss to the whole community.

Vasthuvidya requires constant study, research, restoration and enrichment. The basic principles and philosophy of this branch of science have to be preserved.

Vasthuvidya has been out of curriculum in Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions. As a result, the new generation has missed the opportunity to study and practice this science.

Vasthuvidya has to be instructed formally in Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions. For this, courses, Curriculum, Syllabus etc. are to be framed and Institutions have to be founded.

Vastuvidya has books in Sanskrit and a few books in regional Languages. Translations of original texts and new books and periodicals in regional Languages are to be published.

Vasthuvidya has avenues for exploration and widespread application in residential buildings, community buildings, and different kinds of other constructions.

Vasthuvidya has to be integrated with Modern Technology, Architecture and Engineering.  Vasthu practitioners require backing of Architects and Engineers and vice-versa.

It is in the situation,

a)      SCHOOL OF INDIAN ARCHITECTURE   [VASTHUVIDYANIKETHANAM] is on the way with various projects.

b)      “VASTHU PUBLICATIONS” has been publishing BOOKS and PERIODICALS on Vasthuvidya.